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Comment: “Tim is a brilliant driving instructor. I had 2 instructors before him and I recommend that you don’t go for the first one you have. Tim is super patient and very professional, he explains things really clearly and is really good at keeping you calm if you find things hard or nervous. He does none of the piggy-backing that so many instructors do and you have his fully attention the whole lessons. I highly recommend .Thanks Tim for all your help.”

Rating: 5/5





Comment: “Tim was a great driving instructor who explains everything very clearly and is always patient. He is excellent at preparing you for the driving test but also at teaching you good skills and habits for when you start driving by yourself in the future. He is very supportive and good at keeping you calm if you find something a bit nerve-racking. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone wanting to pass their driving test!”

Rating: 5/5





Comment: “Tim explains things excellently and is always calm and friendly. He knows exactly what pace to set the lessons at, taking time when you need it but making sure that you make good progress. I highly recommend Tim as a driving instructor.”

Rating: 5/5





Comment: “Tim is an excellent driving instructor and he really helped me to improve my confidence. After a bad experience with an another instructor who didn’t explain much and had very rigid lesson structures, I was delighted to find that Tim was really helpful in explaining everything and was happy to tailor lessons to my needs.”

Rating: 5/5





Comment: “Tim is the best instructor you’ll find in the area! He knows all the little tips and tricks to help you pass. When I first started driving I had been incredibly nervous about doing such a thing, but Tim is truly a great instructor and got me a pass on my first attempt! And in such a short time. Thanks again Tim!”

Rating: 5/5






Comment: “Before having lessons with Tim, I was nervous about driving after having failed my first exam with an instructor who wasn’t supportive. However, after just a few lessons with Tim, I gained a lot of confidence and became a much better driver because of his patience and because he didn’t just teach me how to pass the test, he taught me how to drive safely and effectively for the future. Thank you Tim!”

Rating: 5/5





Comment: “Tim is a great instructor, very friendly, easy-going and patient. Paces the lessons appropriately, and talks you through everything very precisely. Made it easy for an old dog like me to pass first time, highly recommended!”

Rating: 5/5





Comment: “Tim is absolutely great! I had two previous instructors before Tim and from then I never looked back. Tim is patient, funny, knowledgeable and keeps you relaxed throughout each lesson. I really enjoyed learning with Tim and he explained everything before you did it so you were never thrown in the deep end. I passed second time with Tim and feel like a very confident driver 🙂 I couldn’t thank or recommend Tim enough!”

Rating: 5/5





Comment: ” I would just like to thank Tim who from my first lesson made me feel at ease and explained the driving experience in a simple way. I passed my driving test 1 st time and this was down to Tim”

Rating: 5/5
































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